Who ARE you and what are you doing on the Internet?

My name is Jellyfish (‘Jelly’ to my intimates) and this is my blog. I’m a cis-gendered, female, bi-racial, English, able-bodied, nerd-raging video game junky with a penchant for single-player action/adventure, horror, thriller and puzzle-based games. I’m an archivist by day, unconscious by night and a writer somewhere in-between.

I write, whenever the mood takes me, primarily about video games with female protagonists. I play the game, critique the content and give a rundown of what I think about the game, its characters and what, if anything, it tells us about the role of female characters in the medium. I also write comparisons, retrospectives and other ramblings about female leads in gaming. But when it comes down to it this blog is mostly for poops and whoops.

Why the weird blog name?

WordPress wouldn’t let me have ‘Big Stupid Jellyfish’ :(

Why female protagonists?

Why the hell not?

No, seriously? Why?

Top three reasons? Interest, personal investment and focus. I’m an archaeology and anthropology graduate and a feminist, so gender issues have aways fascinated me and what better way to develop my understanding than to use my gaming hobby as a compass? I also feel that video games as a medium are at an important and exciting stage in their development into a proto-artform and I wanna watch and record and comment.

So I guess you don’t play games with a guy on the cover?

For this blog I’ll be focusing on female-led titles, but my game collection is pretty varied. Assassin’s Creed, Prince of Persia, Resident Evil, Alan Wake, Bioshock, Half Life… I love these games and they all feature prominent male characters. The gender of a game’s lead doesn’t determine whether or not I’ll pick up, buy or enjoy a game. In fact some of my most memorable and valued gaming experiences have involved playing as a male character. I want to see a greater scope for good, strong and interesting female characters in games, but that doesn’t mean I’m trying to sideline the guys or suggest that the portrayal of male characters in gaming doesn’t need an overhaul too!

What do you mean by… ‘female’?

That can be a tricky one depending on the style of the game and its setting. Basically, I mean any character who is coded female in the game’s universe in terms of their design and overall presentation to the player. This includes characters who are trans-women as well as cis-gendered women.

Are you associated with any game developers or review sites?

No and no. I once did work experience in the QA department of a big video game publisher, but that’s about it.

Do you just trash games that have sexy female characters in them ’cause you’re a feminist?

No. For starters, feminists aren’t a monolith. And we aren’t made of straw; that would be itchy. Second, in my opinion sexy really does not have to mean sexist. I’ll give my 2p on a character’s outfit and appearance but I won’t drag them through the mud based on appearance. It wouldn’t be very feminist if I did. You have my word as a gamer who has been a Tomb Raider fan for twelve long years and who has a bug up her butt over Lara Croft being known more for her hotpants than her kick-ass raiding skills.

Do you take suggestions of games to play and review?

Sure. Comment and, as long as I have the hardware, I’ll definitely consider it.

Do you write about general gaming news too?

Not really, unless that news is primarily about playable female game characters. But I can recommend some awesome gaming sites that I lurk on for news and other games related content. Check out the blogroll tab for links!

Are comments moderated?

Yes. I have a zero tolerance policy on trolling or hate speech against anyone or any group of people. I do totally welcome con-crit and disagreement though, as long as it’s done civilly and in good faith. I’ll upload all non-trollish posts as regularly as possible, but there may be some delay before your posts appear. Please bear with me.

Can I link to or repost your material?

Sure. Just send me a message to let me know.


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